Workers Sites Asset Manifest

Hi, my first post so hoping I’m following proper etiquette.

From this blog:

“Wrangler… creates an asset manifest: a map of your filenames to a hash of their content”

I am currently creating my own manifest on the origin and uploading to a KV Namespace, and can successfully “get” the json file and use it correctly for cache busting when content changes, etc.

My question is, is it possible to replace the file generated by Wrangler, when we publish or preview, without using Wrangler? ie I build and publish the worker on my machine, but the web server creates and uploads cached files and the manifest representing those files.

If so, uploading directly and replacing the file, would that be faster than getting a copy from the KV Namespace on every single request? Or perhaps there is a better solution?

Many thanks


From my understanding (this really isn’t very well documented on Cloudflare’s side), the so called “asset manifest” of a worker is “opaque” and cannot be modified without wrangler or via CF API V4.