Workers Sites and "__STATIC_CONTENT is not defined"


I’m trying to host a static html site (no site generators, just plain vanilla html files) using workers sites on “

I can see the files in WorkersKV.

In the wrangler.toml file I have the following config:

name = “domain .com”
account_id = “the correct account id number”
type = “webpack”
bucket = “./public”
entry-point = “./workers-site”
route = “domain . com/*”
zone_id = “the correct zone id”

In the workers tab of Cloudflare I have a route for “*” set up.

I’ve also set up two A records in Cloudflare, one for naked domain and one for www, both pointing to a fake address and proxied to Cloudflare.

However, the site is not resolving. I get a “__STATIC_CONTENT is not defined” error.

I can’t get index.html to load or a even a single .jpg image that I can see are uploaded to KV.

Any suggestions on what to look at next? There’s no mention of “__STATIC_CONTENT is not defined” in the documentation.

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Were you able to set the DEBUG variable to true to enable more verbose error messages, @langoj?

Debug is set to “true” but now rather than showing “__STATIC_CONTENT is not defined” I get a 522 error message.

Cloudflare support sent over a cryptic screenshot letting me know my code was minified (which it’s not) and this screenshot.


I’m in the process of trying to find a consultant to figure this out. I can’t get anywhere with Cloudflare support since they won’t look at code (which we downloaded from Cloudflare’s GitHub and haven’t done anything beside paste in our account credentials).

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