Workers Site: DDOS Proof?

So I have been playing with serverless sites using Workers, got to admit it’s pretty great.

My question is:

Seeing as there is “no server” AND the entire site is hosted in KV and Cloudflare Cache does that effectively mean it is “DDOS Proof” (as much as is possible)?

As in there is no IP to “discover” and CF should be able to handle DDOS of serious magnitude.

Would this be a correct assumption?

Yes, that is correct

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So in that case is the only real concern being charged for heaps of bandwidth use in such a situation?

With workers you don’t pay for bandwidth at all;

With Workers Bundled ($5/month), you get 10million requests a month for your whole account, and excess requests cost $0.5 per 1million requests

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Yes, unless they exhaust your plan quota. I think we need further detail on what’d happen if we get a DDoS that intends to exhaust our quota. IMHO, it would be rather easy to deplete the quota.

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Right so being on the Bundle means it can effectively handle any amount of traffic, it will just charge me 50 cents per extra million over the 10 million allowed per month?

That’s correct.

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Theoretically a layer 7 attack can cause financial damage. CFWs quota doesn’t have a $ circuit breaker as far as I know, but CF wrote that customer service will refund you for a massive spike attack if u ask them explicit.


That’s very interesting.
A $ circuit breaker in such a situation would be very helpful you’re right.