Workers Show and Tell

Hey all! Kristian from the Workers team here :wave:

We’re super interested in hearing about what you’re building with Workers, especially with the launch of and our free tier. I’d love to hear about what you’re building (and hopefully see it, too)!

I’ll start - I’m working on a pretty neat project as part of a Workers + KV tutorial, where users can share cool GitHub repos that they find, in a Reddit/Product Hunt-style leaderboard. Here’s a peek (and find the live version here):

What are you working on? I’d love to hear more about what everyone has been up to :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s a great idea! I’ve been focusing on Logflare. Log management and analytics for Cloudflare and Elixir apps.

Recently we just added the ability to enrich your logs with data. There were some very cool benefits of hitting that API via workers. Like we’re caching the response so if you get a lot of requests from a single IP we don’t burn through your credits.

Hopefully I’ll get a post up soon about using workers as a proxy to cache paid, usage-based APIs. In the meantime, if anyone wants to see how we’re doing that as an example, our worker is open source.


Very cool @signalnerve and @chasers - I just started using Logflare! Looks amazing so far!

In terms of what i’m building with Workers. I’m kinda still in the idea stages, but i’m thinking about building a platform that allows users to deploy full applications to Cloudflare Workers. So whether that be a React App with a GraphQL backend, or a VueJS app with a REST API backend; I’d like to make it simpler for users to deploy applications, without needing to do much of anything. Think of it kinda as a NO-CODE platform!


Well, I’m starting two things in workers.

The first is to use workers to intercept API requests to and push them to geographically closer servers, ones that are load balanced and fault tolerate, the servers that currently serve With 90% of the requests coming from legacy code, this will automatically upgrade 100,000 users to a better, faster and more reliable usage, with zero code change on their end.

The next stage is replicate the entire stopforumspam API in workers and workersKV, pushing queries away from a couple of US servers, and onto the closest CF presence, making it globally distributed for all users.

Lots of fun ahead in the migration of the API which serves about 15-20 million requests a day with a very short TTL to handle the issues of false positive data becoming quickly stale


Thanks for putting this together @signalnerve

I created Plink podcast smart linking service using Workers. Plink detects user-agent and shapes traffic accordingly, sending users either to podcast Show Page (static podcast apps show links pages) or redirecting them into native apps for their device - Apple or Google Podcasts.

Integrating with iTunes API, I created free smart links for all 725K podcasts. Also utilizing Spotify API and some other checks throughout. Plink offers paid, short links that integrate with KV (example: I wrote a bit about this on my personal blog here: SaaS Bootstrapping Journey - Moving from MVP into Automation & Optimization.

I bought into Workers paid tier early on, last winter, and have really enjoyed building things with it. I’m excited to keep developing new features in Plink, as well as utilize Workers for other projects.