Workers: Rust, Reqwest, and HTTP/2

Hi all, looking to call APNS from workers/Rust. (Apple push notification service), which requires http2.
Http2 and reqwest both look to be supported, but I am not able to set this method: http2_prior_knowledge(). I am very much a beginner at this, but I suspect that wasm might be stripping it out. Also just might not be doing it right :slight_smile:
I saw some toml features that might be needed: if so, I haven’t guessed the right combo: “rustls-tls” or “default-tls”
Here is the error:
error[E0599]: no method named http2_prior_knowledge found for struct ClientBuilder in the current scope
→ src/
Looking for any suggestions!!

Looks like I was using async wrong…workers auto detected the need for http2 so the flag wasn’t necessary as it is outside of workers.