Workers runtime open source status?

I was very intrigued by the announcement that the workers runtime would be open sourced, but haven’t been able to find any substantial information since the announcement. Is there something I’ve missed, or is there just no news yet?

At the moment there’s no news. The Workers runtime is currently very Cloudflare-specific (and so wouldn’t work if they just pulled it out into a repo) and so they’re working on making it more generic.

I assume that once it’s actually released there will be another blog post or other form of notification, so users know.

Frankly, I’m surprised they even expect to be able to extricate it enough to publish at all, so I’m not at all surprised it takes time.

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t, but on the flip side I wouldn’t expect much fanfare over estimates about how long it might take, which could then be approximately doubled to get a more realistic idea. :grin:

Not hard to make promises in a blog article.

The team is still working on it

This thread is a good insight into the runtime as well. Kenton is the tech lead for Workers and will always provide fantastic answers :slight_smile:

(Tweet link since Discourse is being weird with it’s parsing -

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Funnier still, these updates are from today, so apparently I’m not the only one wondering. :smiley:

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