Workers report always warns CPU usage is higher than average

Every day I get a Workers Usage Report email.

Every day, without fail, it tells me that “1 Worker had a significant increase in average CPU time compared to the average of the previous 7 days”.

As far as I can tell, the average CPU usage has remained fairly stable. Some days it’s a bit higher, some days it’s a bit lower, but overall it remains pretty much unchanged. The chart is a jagged horizontal line.

This has been going on for weeks, probably since I first deployed that worker, although I don’t remember if it started right away. I deployed at least one new version of the worker since then, and the reports keep saying the same thing.

What gives?

Yeah… it does that even if it’s like sub-1ms and really doesn’t matter. I just disabled the email notifications, you can do this here:

I’ve reported this to the team in the past but may be worth me bringing it up again

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