Workers rate limited regardless of unlimited plan


I’ve received an email containing the following information:

“You have exceeded the daily Cloudflare Worker limit of 100000 requests.”…
“You can restore service by upgrading your account (Akkadu) to the Unlimited tier through the dashboard”

And on our website we get " Error 1027, This website has been temporarily rate limited"

The thing is that I have updated our plan to unlimited and yet the error still happens as can be seen in the image below. We are experiencing daily outages of our service at the moment because of this situation and are anxious to solve it… Thanks in advance!

Screenshot from 2020-04-15 18-06-22

Cloudflare support just reached back and removed our rate limiting! I’ll update here on the details and reasons why it was happening later.

Response from Cloudflare: “There’s a bug in our system and we are working towards fixing it.”

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Good to hear they fixed it. Posting a reply so topic can be closed as Solved.

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