Workers Quick Editor: Press ENTER to save?

Hi all, a quick feature request for the Workers Quick Editor. When you edit and hit Cmd+S or Ctrl+S, a dialog comes up asking “Save and deploy $workername?”

The expected behavior would be, if you subsequently hit ENTER on the keyboard, it would accept the dialog and save and deploy. But instead, the first <button> is selected, which is the X that cancels and dismisses the dialog. So unless you tab-tab-enter, you’ll end up not saving your changes. It’s incredibly easy to think you’ve deployed your new code when you actually haven’t!

If this is intentional to put a barrier to deployment, that’s one thing, but in case it’s not intentional, making it easier to deploy with a keystroke would be amazing!


Thanks for raising - I’ll share this with the workers team internally to take a look.

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