Workers performance fluctuations

Hi All!

I am using workers to try delivering resources and answering requests as fast as possible to our users
everywhere in the world.

As such, I have been investigating some latencies we are seeing from our workers.

Indeed, the goal to using workers was being closer to the end user and hence being able to reply
as fast as possible.

Now take the below Hello World worker :slight_smile:

addEventListener(‘fetch’, event => {


  • Respond to the request
  • @param {Request} request
    async function handleRequest(request) {
    return new Response(‘hello world’, {status: 200})

If I benchmark it, calling it 1000 times, from place X in the world I get a median of 20ms to call it
and get back an answer.
Terrific, fantastic performances.

Now here is the catch and the why of this post.

If instead of benchmarking it, I call it once every X seconds. I am getting a median of 300ms to call it
and get back an answer. Out of those 300ms are 142ms spent in connect time.

As our users are everywhere. Chances they will bang on the same worker are slim. As such, that
explains that we see the latency of 300ms more than the 20ms one.

Last but not least, I am currently trying the Enterprise Plan and can still see the same outcome.

Request every 10 or more seconds -> 300ms
1000 requests together -> median of 20ms

So dear worker experts. Is this the expected behaviour and is there some way to get a constant 20ms
as I can see cloudflare can deliver or not?

I am guessing the 20ms is the resulting of caching by bombarding the worker but at the same time
when reading on cloudflare workers I had a feeling that those 20ms could be reachable thanks to
being at the edge and cloudflare usage of v8 isolates to bootstrap quickly a worker.

If one of you experts could explain the expected flow, performance, and if there is anything one can do.

Thanks to all in advance.

Hi all,

Could any of you share their experience with worker and latency ?

Thanks in advance

I do think this connection delays are related to what internet service provider you are using.

I have the Pro Plan and when i use a similar example as your Hello World
the response time vary from 30 mili seconds to 90 miliseconds based on which
server colocation is serving the response.

when its the closest location i have normally a response time of ~30 ms when i try it every few minute even and that is for a very low frequently called test worker.

Main Issue is howeve that when i test it with different internetproviders
then either i get allways served from closest colocation
or from the central colocation in frankfurt which is about 90 ms response time.

Think main problem is the Internet Service provider.

try figure out which is closest colocation for you and see if the worker is served from this colocation
or from a further one.

Then try switch the ISP provider and make same test with location identification.

Think you will have different results.

Also other People have reported that for specific countrys there are some

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