Workers Paywall Problem (comment)

I’ve been aware of Workers for quite a while but I only recently did a deeper dive and I am blown away by the potential possibilities. But, when thinking through how I could best take advantage of the system I am hitting hard up against the paywall problem. There is no way I can write generic non-site-specific code that my clients could take advantage of and get them to pay ~$8AUD per month. None of my typical vhosted clients are “big enough” to pay me for customized site-specific worker development so unless I can write off my devel time across all my clients with generically useful Worker projects I just can’t afford to even make a start other than tinker with

If the Cloudflare folks want to see Workers become a ubiquitous commodity deploying seriously useful mainstream apps like WordPress (WorkPress anyone?) then they need to encourage entry level developers to get on board asap so that in 10 years an edge based serverless paradigm could potentially supplant, for instance, the likes of “traditional” Wordpress hosting and cPanel end-user management. If Cloudflare wants a potentially huge Worker developer base donating their time to serverless “applications” then we need a paywall-less option with something like 100K hits per month for free otherwise, I fear, this amazing technology will remain a niche.