Workers & Pages bugs

I’m reporting two UI bugs.

Bug 1:

I’m using the Turso integration workflow, but these bugs likely exist on other integration pages as well.

When reaching the “Select a database” step, I did not have any databases. I created one. There is no way to refresh the database list from the workflow, so I was stuck on this step, unable to select anything. Please add a refresh button so that I don’t lose previous workflow configuration with a full-page refresh.

Bug two:

After the previous issue, I clicked on the previous step to “Select an organization,” hoping that re-selecting the organization would reload the databases. Instead, I have a dropdown with the only one option available, “personal,” already selected. I am unable to select any other option, since there are none, and I am unable to select “personal” again because it’s already selected. The “Continue” button is disabled since I cannot select any other option, so now I am stuck on this step.