Workers: "observe" a request

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I just started checking out workers and it’s amazing. It makes me sad that I discovered it so late. Also, I am a beginner generally speaking and I stumbled upon workers a few days back and I don’t know how to explain what I want to achieve.

I want to ask is there any way to only “observe” a request?

Say, I have a 3rd party service at

What I understood so far is:
if I assign a worker to the route -, whenenver this api is called, the worker will be invoked and I shall write the code to take care of request and response modification.

mostly, I just want to observe what is the request, and what is the response, and take action only in some cases. E.g. whenever is called make changes if it is from one particular country, or if the response is empty. for rest of the cases - usual behavior shall follow(behavior as if worker isn’t deployed). Do I have to handle all the request that comes to the worker or only these that I want to modify. Is there any way to say do what would have been done if the worker weren’t present?

if I have to handle all requests, my worker gets invoked when is fetched by the browser. And inside the worker I’ll make a fetch to “”, will this become a loop?

Yes; all requests for the path you choose will be handled by the worker. The most you can do for conditional triggering is to only apply a worker to a more specific path like* to have it trigger there but not for the rest of your website.

The default worker script it gives you on is the default behavior that just passes through requests like you’re asking:

async function handleRequest(request) {
  const response = await fetch(request)
  return response

In order to prevent such a loop, all fetch calls from your worker to the same zone/domain will bypass all worker scripts and go directly to your origin server.

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Thank you so much. That clarifies everything.

I just have one more doubt.
I have a static file at “
I believe this must be cached with cloud flare.

If I configure a worker for the route “”, and in that worker I fetch “”, will I get the cached copy or the from the origin? If I get it from origin how can I get it from the cache?

Fetch requests to your origin will continue to use CF’s cache, however each request will still be counted as a request for Workers billing, even if the resource is cached.

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