Workers not working Error 10000

Error 10000 and my worker doesn’t work, how to report the issue to Cloudflare team?
thanks in advance

Hey, can you give me more information?

Where is this error happening? Is it when you hit the Worker? Why isn’t the Worker working? Can you send a screenshot of the error?
Do you have a reproducible URL?

It’s hard to know what’s happening with no details unfortunately.

I am getting this issue when I enter workers section of Cloudflare dashboard
I have linked my gdrive to subdomain, was working fine till today, it’s saying that failed to fetch data
and this issue below appeard in workers section

There’s a known issue currently when fetching the /summary endpoint for some stats about your Workers. This shouldn’t prevent your Worker from functioning or any other part of the dashboard though.

Can you confirm if this is impacting you other than the error appearing on the dash?

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Okay, my reported issue seems to be resolved and my index is working!
Thanks for you help!

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