Workers not being deployed

I’ve created a worker via the dashboard, added some code, and clicked “Save and Deploy”. The dashboard is showing it as deployed, but the worker is not available.


Previously, I had created a separate worker, added some code, clicked “Save and Deploy”. This time it was deployed, but subsequent deployments did not update the app.

Are there current issues with workers?


We have an incident on going which is causing delays to Worker deploys. You can follow it here: Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare is experiencing delays with updates to Workers scripts. This is also affecting deployments for Pages users.

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Thank you!

I was asking the same myself few minutes ago as far as I experience 522 constantly and I cannot choose “enviroment” when adding a route for it on one domain :thinking:

While it’s working normally on “preview” tab, but not working neither when I open the “worker URL” in a new tab.

I managed to get some “cf wayback machine URL” one time - then it showed the page content as it should be.

Thanks for feedback @Walshy

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