Workers Much Request,Is domain remove ,how much chances

in Workers,premium Pack,…if we got too much requests in premium,pack…how much chances to domain remove,…in last lines in premium pack,its extra charge,…its fine,…just one more time conform,…domain never remove in premium pack???,…If we pay every month

I am not quite sure what you are trying to say.

You are talking about the Unlimited Worker plan, right? That is $5 a month with ten million requests included and $0.5 for each additional million.

If you have 13,004,000 requests in one month you will pay $7 in that month.

ok, yesterday I take a premium pack,…is bandwidth unlimited in 5$ pack?? with 10M Req

or any other conditions to remove domain??..because prior i also use cloudflare,my domain in removed on cloudflare becuase of much requests,much use bandwidth… in free pack.

You mean traffic, right? Bandwidth is something different.

Traffic is unrelated to Workers and the general rules apply (please use the search for that).

If you violate the terms of service (particularly 2.8) your account might be suspended. Again, the search has more on that. But all of that is not related to Workers.

ok, what is the bandwidth limit per day??
how much ,i am able to use…

If you actually mean bandwidth, then Cloudflare does not have limits here, but I would imagine they will suspend your account if you create a constant load, especially if that is in the area of triple digits.

If you mean traffic, then I am not sure what you are asking as I already addressed that earlier.

Too Many Redirect Error,…On my sites,…i already uninstall ssl certificate from cpanel,…and enable full restricted Cloudflare certificate,…i don’t understand whats the issue