Workers KV "Query Request Analytics" endpoint should support Api Token auth

Currently, Workers KV Request Analytics [1] only supports Cloudflare’s Api Key auth. Using Api Keys is dangerous since keys have global read/write access to the account. Api Tokens can be scoped, and have been supported in other Cloudflare endpoints for some time [2].

This account-level read-only analytics endpoint should support Api Token auth, especially since there is now is an Account-level “Account Analytics” token permission that would map perfectly to this use case.

[1] Cloudflare API v4 Documentation

Thanks for taking the time to write this! The team will review this as a feature request.

Thank you! Looking forward to it.

You probably already captured this in the feature request, but both KV Request Analytics and KV Stored Data Analytics [3] (both of the custom KV analytics endpoints) should be fixed together

[3] Cloudflare API v4 Documentation