Workers KV Pricing Question


I have a question regarding pricing for writing to Workers KV. I have a database with around 20 millions key-value pairs (key/values less than 500 bytes each). I need to write them once. Then the data won’t change, and I have around 10/20,000 read requests per day.

I have two questions:

  • In this article (Workers KV — Cloudflare's distributed database), one can use bulk write to upload up to 10,000 pairs (up to 100 MB of data) in a single PUT request. If I load 10,000 pairs into a single bulk request, does it counts for 1 write or 10,000 writes?
  • Can I subscribe to a paid plan at the beginning, to perform all the write operations needed to setup the Worker KV, and then move back to a free plan because I have a limited amount of daily read requests that fits into the free plan?

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