Workers KV in China?

Is Workers KV storage accessible in China ?


An AWS employee wrote that Workers KV did not work in China :

Not available in China
if you have to support the Chinese market you will have to have some fallback solution. This alone might stop you from using Worker KV

just checked with my colleagues, and unfortunately you are correct, Workers KV does not work in China. It seems that the KV won’t be supported in China for a while now. Our team had a meeting with Baidu regarding this, but it seems that they couldn’t agree on any solution.


It was also (sort of) confirmed on Twitter

What now ?

Can anyone confirm this information ?

It is important to know this kind of information when designing a product

If true, how can I build a store available globally ?
(In China and the reste of the world)

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Since using the China datacenters at all requires an Enterprise account, If you want to use KV in China, you should check with your CSM (Customer Success Manager). If you don’t already subscribe to the enterprise plan, you can ask sales about the status of KV in China when inquiring.

Can someone explain to me what “Workers KV did not work in China” means? Isn’t KV data stored in a central location, and transferred to Cloudflare edge locations based on # of reads? For users accessing my application in China… won’t they be routed to a Workers edge location outside of China… so KV will still work?

Yes. If you aren’t an Enterprise customer with a China ICP license paying for Cloudflare’s expensive China network, your traffic (provided it isn’t blocked by Great Firewall) will go to a Datacenter outside of China and KV will work.

If you mean “will the datacenters within China work with KV”, that’s something you need to speak to CF about as I mentioned above.

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