Workers KV Analytics - per-KV analytics?

Can you surface per-KV analytics via API?

I’ve been running a smart redirecting service Plink and use the API to see total requests/analytics to zones/domains/workers and namespaces that all of my services run through, yet I’m needing to surface analytics per-KV to display to my end users. But it appears this isn’t publicly available.

Each custom link ( for example) has its own KV pair with relevant metadata inside, and requests to these URL paths have subrequests to that particular KV entry, so surfacing analytics on a per-KV basis is needed in order to surface analytics to customers for their specific links, not the entire zone/namespace domains.

This feels close Cloudflare API v4 Documentation (yet is needing a “keys” param to hit). Anything available now or in the future?

Tbh have been after this since 2019, but made a subtle post about it here in May of 2020.

I’d assume that using Durable Objects to do specific request-counting is suitable for granular stats.

Appreciate the recommendation, this is one of the beta products that I have yet to explore. I’m currently using Unbound to solve for some other longer-running tasks for within plink.

Honestly could surface some interaction/event type Analytics utilizing this as well considering that I have proxies set up on majority of the top links clicked/redirected to. So could read the proxy endpoint and know that they clicked on x button. Hoping to explore DO here.

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If you don’t want to wait for DO, you could use Big Query and stream the counter to a table. This would enable up to 100K to 500K req/second total.

With this method, you can add additional meta-data and later query that data to produce in-detail analytics.

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