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My company previously worked with a vendor who helped set up cloudflare for us. He set up a workers file. Unfortunately we stopped working with that vendor but have since developed a problem where our non www pages are not getting redirected to the www pages. I was able to speak with a developer with the old vendor and he said this was the issue:
“It looks like there is an error in the web worker code that isn’t applying to the non www version of the site.The non www should redirect to the www version of the site. Or updating the web worker to accommodate the non-www version.”

Does anyone know a company that is willing to work on this problem for me and fix it? Our old vendor is not willing to do this work.

I’d go the route of redirecting non-www to www with a Page Rule, it’ll be less costly than updating the worker and available as soon as you implement the rule.

Good #Tutorials here, Redirect to Post back and let us know how it’s going.

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Thank you for the response. I have already tried that and it did not work.

I guess updating that worker is the only route available. We don’t have an area for projects/help wanted. There are a number of sites that specialize in that where you could find a vendor to do the update.

Can you share any of those sites? I did do a search earlier today but could not find a vendor. Thank you

I see this one mentioned a lot, Perhaps @MVPs know of others to investigate?

Thank you very much. I will give it a shot.

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