Workers: fetch, and HTTP/2

Howdy. I’m just getting into using Workers, and have gotten code working that sends notifications to Apple devices via Apple’s ‘Push Notification service’ (APNs).

APNs only supports HTTP/2, and seems to immediate terminate the connection if, say, HTTP/1.1 data is used.

Thankfully, Cloudflare’s fetch implementation seems to use HTTP/2, and my code functions, but I wanted to confirm:

Is HTTP/2 guaranteed for every fetch request, or is it happenstance that I’ve been getting HTTP/2 each time so far, and I could find ‘random’ fetch requests in future using HTTP/1.1 instead?

I’ve always been under the impression that Cloudflare fetches your origin over HTTP/1.x

The dashboard even indicates that - The connection from Cloudflare to your origin will be made over HTTP 1.x is noted under HTTP/2 on the Network tab in the dashboard.

However, recent posts & discussions seem to indicate that Cloudflare now supports HTTP/2 to an origin - and a recent pull request to the documentation implies that it’s active for all users (albeit optional for Enterprise users).

Could the ‘distinction’ here be that it’s a Worker doing a fetch (to an arbitrary server); not Cloudflare’s ‘primary’ system loading an origin server? (& that Workers have their own fetching behaviour, and always use HTTP/2 when possible)