Workers embedded in apps - still supported?

Hi @DevelopSean,

If you’ve already done a bunch of work specifically on an app that requires workers, we may be able to make an exception for you, with the caveat that we can’t provide a lot of support right now. Mainly we don’t want new people developing a lot of new apps because we just aren’t able to handle the support burden right now, but there are a few apps we’ve grandfathered in.

Again, I don’t speak for the Apps team, only the Worker team, so I can’t personally promise anything, but let me try pinging some people…

@DevelopSean I haven’t looked into the specifics of it in a while but you could probably work something up to deploy workers on behalf of your users to their own Cloudflare accounts. I remember looking into it briefly when the Apps with Workers beta closed.


I understand that you are not accepting the new application for Cloudflare for workers.
But, is there any way we can test it locally as I am not able to test the app on App Creator

@w3dev I would suggest creating a regular Cloudflare Worker. There is no hold on regular Cloudflare Workers.

The thing that is on hold is the Cloudflare App Store where you could potentially sell your worker to other people to use on their own sites. Instead of using the app store, you can always share the raw worker code with other people, and they can then install it on their own site like any other worker.

Are there any updates in this area? The last response was provided almost a year ago. I tried to verify whether the workers are supported now, but the mentioned page above Cloudflare Apps still informs that the beta is closed. This, considering the new workers plans and KV even in the free tier, maybe could be revised.

If anyone could share some information related to CF Apps + workers it’d be highly appreciated.


I’d like updates about workers in apps as well!

Cloudflare announced the beta in 2018, we’re in 2021, but there is still a warning on the documentation:

and another one in the App creator:

Does it mean that I still cannot submit an app containing worker scripts?

@KentonVarda sorry to bother you, but it’s been 1 year since your last answer on this topic!

Do you have any news on this matter?


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Sorry, no news. We’re gradually getting closer, but for the moment, the situation hasn’t meaningfully changed.

I perceive this as a great opportunity and a leverage for people interested in delivering SaaS products. Having an ability to intercept traffic, augment responses and provide functionalities without any from an app user and bloating pages with injected scripts is a real game changer.

A/B testing?
Augmenting pages with user based data?

You name it.

I agree, there is tons of potential and we’re excited about it. We just have so many things on our plates and not enough engineers to do everything. I like to say, if we had 500 engineers working on Workers, we could easily find stuff for everyone to do… but right now we have about 25. (We’re hiring BTW.)


Hey @KentonVarda
Thanks, I wanted to circle back and check if workers are now supported in Apps, please.
After a lot of investment in building the worker and testing the worker, we were finally working on figuring out the deployment of the App with the worker.
But were saddened after reading this thread.
I look forward to your advice, please.