Workers editor wish list

Here is my short wishlist for the editor, in no particular order:

  • Add OPTIONS to the Testing request types
  • Allow application/json for POST body types, the actual worker does
  • Add a refresh button to refresh the source. So when you do thinks like deploy via webpack, the workflow shortens from refresh the page, click the Launch Editor button, click to the Testing tab, choose the request type from the dropdown, change the URL, update the headers, and add the body back, click the Run button
  • Give some basic options for the header types. I always have to lookup the Content-Type for … actually looking up … application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • When on the testing tab and Saving or Updating the Preview, two requests are made, one for the preview and one for testing. It would be great if there was just one, for the existing tab. When deep into console.log statements, it can get confusing

Two non-editor related:

  • Allow the uploading of a source map. Then we could couple with sentry, rollbar, or loggly and pass them the source to make debugging live code even better
  • When testing or previewing running the request through the DNS/Cache, this would allow things to be caught like unsupported ports, conflicting page rules, etc.

One more thing

Cloudflare Workers are amazing. Thank you to the Cloudflare team and community for everything! For realz everyone is super :fabulous:


Just discovered the new Blog Posts & Tutorials :heart_eyes: