subdomain throws SSL error

Followed Workers tutorial and published a simple worker. When accessed throws ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error.

Iā€™m not getting this error. Have you tried another browser?

Tried Safari, Firefox, Chrome on 2 different PCs, iPhone Safari - all throw same error. Even tried iphone over 4G (switching wifi off), same problem.

This should be the expected behavior, right?


Yes. Checked just now, strangely, the problem is gone. Is there some kind of propagation delay after publishing to subdomain?

This has never happened to me. Pinging @WalshyMVP in case he knows what could be the cause of the problem.

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Might be a propagation if this is a new subdomain. For any Workers already on the subdomain it should be instant but issuing the cert and things may have had a bit of a delay. Not sure but can definitely ask about it


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