Workers dev environment issues

I’m working on a few CF Worker using wrangler.

I’m facing two issues at the moment:

The first issue is when running wrangler dev the process starts fine, but as soon as I make a request I get this:

I don’t have that issue if I work using wrangler dev --remote. The issue that I have here (maybe not an issue, but quite annoying) is that the localhost pages that I get served are 404s.

Is there any way to serve a custom page when working locally? I want to try different cache-control headers, different pages, etc.

I can see that the worker is redirecting the request to an automatically generated URL:

https://[worker name].[account name]

Can this be also changed?

Thanks a lot for your help

I suspect this is related to Cloudflare incident on November 2, 2023, but are you still encountering any issues @javier.cobos?

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