Workers + custom route + AAAA = 301 and services can not call webhook exposed by my worker

Hi there! I have a cf worker acting as a webhook to receive inbound email payloads. My inbound email parsing service calls this. Everything was working when I was using the workers dev route.

However, I wanted to add some firewall rules, and to do that I needed to add a custom route, so I can use my custom domain, and therefore make use of cf firewall rules. To add this custom route I followed: and setup my worker to serve traffic at*

Then, as the guide says, I added an AAAA DNS record, targeting 100::, to make the domain resolve to the worker.

However, what I find is my inbound email parsing provider is no longer calling my webhook, and when I try to curl the route via curl -v I get a 301 response. When I try the same URL in the browser, the redirect is followed and the expected response is shown.

I don’t think this 301 is actually correct behavior and I think the AAAA record should just call my worker right? Am I doing this right? Btw, I have https set to strict mode in my cf dashboard for this site.


According to this link routes can specify http, https, or neither. If neither is used, then both are valid. Upon changing my route to only use https, I was able to curl my route directly, no redirect.

Just hypothesizing here, but perhaps the level of https strictness was causing the issue before?

What did it redirect to?

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I think it was redirecting to the right place (wherever the worker is living), just based on the example I gave from using my browser.

Now if I leave out https in my curl, I get the same redirect, but if I add it I get the expected response. Prior (as in my prior to my SOLVED remark), I was getting a 301 regardless of whether https was present in the URL I was curling or not.

But to be more precise, I don’t exactly know because I didn’t write it down, and now I’m not experiencing the issue.

I can follow up some other time when I have another similar setup and I reach this stage, to try and reproduce the issue.

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