Workers cpu limit exceeded?

Hi, I started working on migrating our site to workers, did some coding, all is well, but sudennly I go through CF panel and see usage limits and I’m afraid we’re exceeding limits by quite a lot! :frowning:
Am I assuming correct that CPU Time section in worker details (graph), is the same value as 80ms cpu limit? (or maybe cpu time measures also connection time or something like this and I don’t need to worry it’s bigger than cpu limit?)
my worker is basic react app that gets results from external api and renders them

Are you rendering inside of the worker or in the browser?

Rendering a react app inside of a worker will exceed CPU-time even for simple apps.

yes, I was hoping to do ssr in the workers. How sure are you? I’m asking because I already started to think if some optimization could be done, for example rendering to stream

Flareact is doing SSR on workers I think, but it’s so fresh project I’m a bit worried to use in on live production.

You can do SSR in workers, but not in workers bundled, you’d need to use workers unbound.