Workers can't work with shopify domains?

How to make Workers work with Shopify domain?

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Sorry, no. Shopify has their own Cloudflare configuration, so you won’t be able to proxy those records and layer your own Cloudflare features over the Shopify setup…yet.

In the future, it may be possible, but you’d have to check with Shopify to see if they and Cloudflare are making any progress on this.

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just like this :

just like this
I need to make it work with
but it only can work with
pictures are my configure

and here is the code

Are your DNS records for your website set to :orange: Proxied?

How to let Workers work with but not mydomain. com, I don’t want connect to any workers, but I need connect to worker1 and connect to worker2

how to make it work well ?
here is my configure and code

here is the code 1-35 line

here is the code 36-45

Yes is proxied

mydomain. com can work well with
but mydomain .com/workerDir can’t work completely, it can only see the home page