Workers cache is missing most of the time

I set up a worker who is running a couple of fetches referencing this example. I setup s-maxage to 600 so I was expecting it to serve the cache response over 90% times but when I checked the analytics dashboard, I realized it’s around %30 in every region. What am I doing wrong? Is this expected?

Example endpoint:

Screenshots: Cloudflare workers analytics - Album on Imgur

As it looks like a ten minute TTL (which sounds logical for your content), that will contribute to more frequent MISSes. Especially considering that it takes a few requests through that datacenter to start getting a HIT at that datacenter. Repeat this for every URL and every data center that receives traffic and I can see how you’d end up at 30%.

The only thing left to try is enabling Argo Tiered Caching. Granted, it looks like your data is pretty regional, but tiered caching might help a bit.

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I will check this. Thanks @sdayman !

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