Workers Bulk Redirects not working for one specific route

Please help me solve a mystery that has stumped the best CF expert I know. I created a Bulk Redirect Worker that follows closely the example CF itself gives in docs. I then linked the worker to some staging routes and created a dummy A record for the subdomain.

Everything works well for staging subdomain…but nothing works for the actual subdomain I want to redirect…you can see for yourself:

staging subdomain* redirects to new website

however, the actual subdomain I want to redirect (*) does nothing

The worker is the same, both subdomains are properly routed to worker, and they have the same dummy A record.

(To be clear, I am using a bulk redirect Worker with 90 mapped redirects and 1 wildcard redirect to cover any other request)

What could be peculiar about that Subdomain that makes it not execute the worker? All I can think is that the subdomain had a Cname record with a target URL for many months. I removed the cname record, but it still renders the old website somehow.

(and there are no active Page Rules on the entire domain)

I am mystified, any help appreciated.

The other great mystery is how is able to render anything at all, considering there are no DNS records, except the dummy A record??? This has been the case for 36 hours, so I am pretty sure, DNS propagation is not the issue.