Workers billed $5 even with 0 scripts running

I have removed all routes and scripts but still billed $5 per month for workers. How to completely disable them?

Hi there, to completely disable Workers, you will need to delete your subscription to Workers (click on your Account in the upper left corner -> Billing -> find the subscription for Workers and cancel it).

Would love to hear a bit about your experience with Workers, and why you chose not to use them. If you have a moment, would love to get your feedback at rita at Cloudflare.


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@pascal If you were billed for an entire month with no workers running whatsoever, email Cloudflare support and they will likely refund that month’s payment.

Note that every single subscription on Cloudflare works like this. You can have Dedicated Certificate subscription and not a certificate ordered. Workers is the same.

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@rita A general feedback for these services would be:
Remove the minimum charge per service and maybe add a global minimum of 1-2 dollars - and then charge for the use just like AWS.