Workers behavior with firewall rules

If I set up a firewall rule on a route to block certain countries and also set up a worker to process requests on that route. Will the requests made by the blocked countries be calculated in my bill for workers?

Just to iterate, do incoming requests have to pass through the firewall before it is processed by the Cloudflare worker?

Hi @starboymc4,

Maybe someone who is familiar with Workers can confirm, but based on the order/priority shared at Priority/Order: Managed Rules vs Firewall Rules vs Tools - #5, Workers come after the firewall, so I wouldn’t expect those requests to be included in your Workers bill.


AFAIK @domjh’s description is accurate. Firewall rules are evaluated before a request ever hits workers, so a blocked or challenged request should never be billed.

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Only about 3 months late, but yes, this is correct. :slight_smile:

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