Workers and Pages services only have a speed of 1.5KB/s when accessed through my domain name

Account Dash Ticket - Workers and Pages services only have a speed of 1.5KB/s when accessed through this domain name. Ticket number 2412315.

Workers and Pages services only have a speed of 1.5KB/s when accessed through my domain name, which is almost unusable.

Since a suspected attack a few months ago(I have blocked some links through the firewall), I got an email alert (congestion event, degraded performance of this domain) that mentioned “Some of your visitors may experience altered performance until this congestion event has subsided.” But I waited For months, no signs of recovery have been found.

Because of the severe speed limit, my Workers and Pages services are almost unusable, and my domain name is also purchased at Cloudflare.

For ease of inspection, I bound a test subdomain to one of the Pages services, and attached a screenshot of the access speed.

This 38.3 KB file took a full 26.49 seconds on my side, with an average of 1.5KB/s.

Even if I access it with a server in another country, there is a maximum of 10KB/s.

I don’t know how to solve this problem…
Can anyone help me?

I think your slow performance is unrelated to the email alert you got.

Even if your site was being attacked, it wouldn’t make sense for Cloudflare to rate limit the speed of your domain because number of open connections is much more costly for Cloudflare than throughput. And rate-limiting your domain isn’t solving the attack so I don’t think those two are related.

Does your Worker fetch from an origin? Or is your site a originless site?

What kind of content are you serving from your site?

Some of the image images in my website are heavily visited.

I tried to delete the subdomain resolution records, also unable to block these access, I have shut down the site two months ago and blocked the subdomain with firewall rules, for some necessary URLs I also redirected them with page rules to another domain name.

The example in the picture is Cloudflare Pages from the Github project, so the files should all be stored on Cloudflare’s servers.


Ticket number 2412315
I need help. . .

Would you mind sharing your website link.

Hmmm, strange.

When I access this without a VPN (from Chengdu, China) (China Mobile); its very slow to load, roughly 30 seconds like you said.

When I use a VPN to a Singapore POP then it loads quickly, ~100ms; but some other VPN locations its also very slow.

Is this cached in Workers? Or use Worker KV? Or any other logic behind the serving of this content?

Would you mind sharing some code snippets with me 加我微信15828144424?

Without any code, it’s a pure static content website, deployed in Cloudflare Pages, and all files are stored on Cloudflare’s servers.

When I download the file on the Singapore server, it is also very slow.

rules.json                [              <=>                                 ] 173.34K  6.67KB/s    in 26s

2022-04-04 05:36:01 (6.67 KB/s) - ‘rules.json’ saved [177498]

But if I download the file through the domain name that Cloudflare Pages assigns by default, it’s done instantly.

rules.json            100%[=======================>] 173.34K  --.-KB/s    in 0.003s

2022-04-04 05:38:03 (49.0 MB/s) - ‘rules.json’ saved [177498/177498]

Cloudflare has a Source-of-Truth in Singapore so with my speedtest working fast from Singapore but slow everywhere else might have been a clue to the issue.

You said that you’ve tried a Singapore VPN and that it was also slow so I tried again using non-Cloudflare VPN in Singapore which does indeed be slow like you said.

My first test wasn’t using a “VPN” exactly but rather a Cloudflare HTTP proxy in Singapore.

It’s a very strange issue indeed.

Cloudflare throttles my domain speed, and only staff can lift the throttle, but the free tier doesn’t offer customer service. . .

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