Workers analytics via the api?

I’d like to query the data under Dashboard > Analytics > Workers [1] via the GraphQL [2] or another custom api endpoint.

I ran across two existing custom apis for KV requests [3] and stored data [4], but these only represent a limited subset of data, specific to KV.

None of the existing GraphQL data sets seem to be applicable to workers, although this would be a great place for them to live.

Let me know if this data is available somewhere in the current api.

- John

[1] i.e. the data shown at:<zoneId>/<zone>/analytics/workers

Analytics for working is a work in progress. They removed the old analytics for this (see depricated in the docs) and I think the current API’s only give a total number of KV and worker requests in aggregated form. CF said Worker Analytics is a high priority though, I’m sure it will arrive soon.