Workers Analytics seem to be misreporting Subrequests

I have a worker that is mostly a reverse proxy, examining request.url to shunt traffic to different hosts. The graphs at dash.Cloudflare .com/{account_id}/{website}/analytics/workers look pretty reasonable, but the graphs at dash.Cloudflare .com/{account_id}/workers/services/view/{worker}/production don’t. I would expect the Requests (above) and the Subrequests (below) graphs for this same worker to roughly line up, but instead:

Are you referring to the 1.21M vs 1.12M discrepancy? This is probably just different sampling rates.

No, it makes sense to me that there are more subrequests than requests. Some requests don’t make a a subrequest, they send a redirect or something instead. What’s weird to me is that the subrequest graph is choppy, but the request graph is smooth.

They’re fundamentally different graphs - the top one is ‘averaged’ requests per second and the bottom one is the amount of requests for that time slot.

I don’t follow – is the difference between these graphs stated somewhere? I’m simply using the tabs above the graph to toggle between “Requests” and “Subrequests”, for the exact same time period.

Look at the legend on the left.


The top one is showing you the requests per second.


The bottom one is showing you how many requests were recorded for that given time frame.

Okay, I see. Still, though, why would there be weird spikes in the bottom graph? That doesn’t line up with the first graph I mentioned: