Worker wildcard route not triggering on one account

I am using a simple implementation of Workers to deliver .well-known/security.txt but am getting different behaviour on different Cloudflare accounts.

I manage domains on a few Cloudflare accounts for different charities. On all but one account I can create a Worker for a domain that returns ​s​ome text, and then Add Route:
​VIsiting the above address displays the security.txt output from the Worker.

However, on ​just one Cloudflare account ​the wildcard route fails to trigger. The address works (eg security-txt-myCFid(dot)workers(dot).dev) but if I Add Route using the same route as before (obviously the domain is different and not example(dot)com), then vIsiting /.well-known/security.txt​` does not trigger and I get a 404 or timeout error depending on DNS/Rules.

I can add a further route without wildcards, ie route​ and this triggers okay.

It would be better to have the wildcard version working, but I can’t see what I can change to resolve this. This problems applies to all the domains under this one account that I’ve tested.

I’ve configured a test domain that isn’t currently in use but resides on this problem account.

It’s very simply configured with a proxied A-record and a C NAME to load a Google sites page.
There is one Rule to forward the naked domain to www.

Route: Zone:
Route: * Zone: diat(dot)uk

Any insights gratefully received.


I’ve had to use (dot) in some addresses as I’m limited to 4 links in the post.