Worker Unbound egress pricing when using backblaze

In the worker pricing docs I found the following info:

Unbound egress data transfer fees can be reduced when sending data to members of the Bandwidth AllianceOpen.

So if I serve my images via worker unbound and backblaze, do I have to pay for egress traffic?

I am also wondering the same thing, if I use a Worker to intercept and check an image or file upload/POST and then send it to a Bandwidth Alliance partner that provides Object Storage (I was considering backblaze or alibaba), will I have to pay for egress?

I asked this question in worker’s discord channel and one of the worker team member said that you still have to pay for egress between users and cloudflare. This will only remove the egress between backblaze and cloudflare.

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Right, however if I don’t send files from a Worker to a user, just the other way around (from a user to a Worker to backblaze/alibaba object storage), it’s confirmed that there are no egress fees?

Yes. If you want to confirm it yourself you can ask the worker developers at discord : Cloudflare Developers

Thanks, I spoke to a couple of them on the Discord and they confirmed it