Worker throwing exception - where are error logs located?


We’re using cloudflare workers as a proxy with some javascript code. It’s worked fine for the past few years but suddenly we were getting very weird bugs in our system.

We’ve now traced it back all the way to the requests going through our cloudflare worker. We seem to be getting back the following instead of the expected json output, even when try-catching nearly everything in our code.

It says to check our dashboard but I can’t seem to find any error logs in the cloudflare dashboard. Where are they located nowadays?

Thanks in advance for taking time out of your day to assist us.

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I found out that we’ve reached the workers limit somehow even though we’re on the paid plan. We’re getting back status 429 with error code 1015.

Please instruct me on how to contact the team on how to raise the limits.

The Unbound plan lets you exceed the limits set by the Bundled plan.

You can set your plan at:

Thanks for the reply! I’ve changed to worked to the unbound plan (apparently it was on free somehow).

However I’m still getting the 1015 error.

As I’m using it as a proxy, would it be possible that it’s the website it’s proxying to which is rejecting the requests, or is this 1015 error code with status 429 specific to cloudflare?

How long does it take for changes to the rate plan to take effect?

Hey, the bundled/unbound isn’t actually related to this error. This error is caused by lots of outgoing requests from a small number of IPs (basically lots of sub requests from a small area of PoPs)

If you wish to get this raised, you should contact support with the reasoning for your requests.

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Alright, so I should contact Cloudflare’s support, asking for more IP addresses? Because I contacted them about about raising request limits as well and I got an automatic reply saying “you don’t pay for support so you need to ask the community” :confused:

So how do I contact support?

Post the ticket # here so we can escalate it. If possible, add a link to this thread to that ticket so they know what you’re asking for.

Thank you! Ticket number: #2338432

I added the ticket to the escalation queue. It’s a long queue right now, so it might take a few days.

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Thank you! I assume that’s why I haven’t received a reply yet?

Also, I got back this message (see screenshot), just to make sure, that’s correct, right?

Hopefully you have a reply in the ticket now, @jonas.vdr. You should be able to continue the conversation there.

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