Worker threw exception

When i try to send a link of my site i got this mensage on the link:

Worker threw exception

i dont know whats is causing this error

Where’s your website hosted? Siteground?

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yeah i have contacted the siteground support they say that’s its a cloudflare or its a whatsapp server problem

@erictung asked because SiteGround has a Worker (sg_worker) that might be causing the problem.

Do they not understand that you’re using their Cloudflare integration? Ask them to disable sg_worker for your site.


Thank you for linking my topic to this thread.

I had the same issue.

Indeed, Siteground support is not as good as they were several years ago. Sometimes they answer simply to keep the tickets closed, without trying to understand your issue.

I had a very long conversation with five different support agents in the same thread regarding this issue. So mostly, whenever a new agent comes, you need to start from the beginning (sometimes they don’t read the previous discussion at all). It’s a very frustrating experience.

However, I’ll try to help you and give you some steps that might be a temporary solution until Siteground will fix the issue with their new plugin functionality.

In my case (on my website -, the issue was related to the Cloudflare Full Page Caching functionality inside their SG Optimizer plugin.

When you enable this feature, Siteground creates a worker inside your CloudFlare. And as we know, this worker causes many issues. I asked Siteground to keep my ticket open till they fix it, and at the moment, it remains open.

The solution here might be to disable the Cloudflare Full Page Caching feature inside the Cloudflare tab and then remove the worker from your CloudFlare account.

Also, I would advise you to contact SG support and ask them to fix it, and you can send them the links to all topics on this Forum where their customers have issues. Maybe in some time, after several messages like this, they will finally fix it.

I hope it will help you.

Kind Regards,


Hi Alex, thanks for the help, i opened a ticket on siteground support to see if they already have a solution to this, if they got a solution i will be posting here


I am having the same issue with siteground, and I hope the ticket gustavo8 opened can get siteground get it fix. Thanks!

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