Worker Threw Exception when clicking through Instagram ad

My customers are receiving this error “Worker Threw Exception” when clicking on the ad of my shop in Instagram. Weird thing is, it only happens when they click through the ad, but when copy pasting the link in a browser it seems to be working fine. What could be the issue here?

Do you have any Workers, or is this a Siteground integration?

I don’t have any Workers enabled, and my hosting is not in Siteground but Hostinger.

The only difference in visiting your website from the URL or from Instagram is that Instagram uses the following structure to make a redirect:

This additional redirect could cause a problem if there is an error in your Cloudflare redirect settings.

In most cases, you first must verify if the protocol (http / https) and the domain (www or non-www) in Instagram are exactly the same as the final URL of your website.

Is the {status: unknown}) the cause?