Worker task queues?

Hello everyone, I think as an MVP, simple time-based scheduling would be awesome. Doesn’t need to be complex to be useful.

Why don’t you use a simple ping service like to trigger your end-point?

100.000 triggers free to try, and i am not affiliated with them :slight_smile:

Triggering is not the problem, that can be done with something like Freshping for free for unlimited triggers. But there is a lot of other things to consider like queue order, fail handling and timeouts.

This has to be in the system for it to be reliable enough.

Any progress on this topic? I really wish there is a scheduler build in.

Would be a great addition. +1

Definitely needs to happen +1 !!

Would love to see this feature.


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I am not exactly sure how the introduction of Cron Triggers solves the feature request for “Worker Task Queues”?

Aren’t those two completely separate feature requests?

It doesn’t solve the specific wording of the feature request, but the introduction of cron triggers is immensely valuable since it enables this feature to work at all, even if you have to roll your own worker/task queue system on top of an every-minute cron trigger + KV / durable objects.

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For everyone here implementing your own solutions - we recently launched Cloudflare Queues! We hope you give it try and let us know how we can improve it.

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