Worker subrequest rate limiting

This is a follow up from a previous ticket regarding an issue with worker sub request limits.

I have a problem where I’m hitting a subrequest rate limit on a worker, it won’t let me do more than 1000 requests per connection per what feels like a minute? Much like these guys here, I get a 1015 returned

According to the forum posts, this is a form of anti abuse prevention that can be removed or reduced by contacting support. I’ve submitted support tickets a couple times now, the first time they removed the limits to one of my pages, rather than the actual workers and the other time they just immediately closed my ticket because they don’t offer support for workers even though I have a paid plan.

It seems like this is more likely to get fixed via contacting on the forums, so here’s hoping!


Hey, can you share your ticket ID please? May also be worth just making sure to clarify with support to the exact limitation you’re hitting

Sure, here it is #2319243, and thanks for looking into this

Thank you, I have escalated that

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@WalshyMVP My issue was resolved, thanks!


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