Worker Sites file size limit?


I’ve been looking around all the new info on the Worker Sites, and haven’t been able to find the answer. I know the KV value size limit is currently 2MB. Does the same apply to Worker Sites since it’s built on top?



I discovered that 2MB limit is for the key-pair, as an image I tried to upload exceeded that. Workers Sites says Workers total size is 1GB: (at the very bottom)

Ahhh, I saw the 1GB limit, but that was for “Workers Unlimited” which I mis-understood as not one-in-the-same as Workers Sites. I thought one was the subscription plan, and the other a feature of the subscription.

Regardless, it would be nice to be able to host larger files within the 1GB total. From the light technical description of how Workers Sites identifies files (hash), it should be pretty easy to add. Basically, have a filetype that is a list of hashes. Each hash refers to a blob that’s less than 2MB and is a chunk of the desired file. Bonus points: use the rolling hash technique of bup

I hope they don’t wait till the next birthday-week to release that…

There is no limit, 1 GB of storage is what is included on Workers Unlimited

“You will be automatically billed $0.50 per additional GB of storage, $0.50 per additional 1 million read operations, $5.00 per additional 1 million write operations, $5.00 per additional 1 million delete operations, and $5.00 per additional 1 million list operations.”

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Some discussion on this with the Workers KV PM happened on HN ->