Worker shows requests over the past week I didn't make

I am new to Workers, creating a small one to validate a contact form and send myself an email. When I logged into my Cloudflare dashboard today, it showed the worker had 77 requests over the past week. I haven’t been working on it for close to 10 days, and would not expect there to be any requests.

Is there a way I can monitor where these requests are coming from? The worker users a domain at the moment.

I found this previous thread What count towards the Worker requests? that seems to be asking the same question. Bots were mentioned as scraping the URL, which seems possible.

77 requests is minimal and what I’d easily just dismiss as internet noise. If something is on the public internet, it’s going to be hit by random things pretty much constantly.

If it’s something you want to protect, put Access in front of it, sign the requests in some way, or attach some kind of auth key like ?auth=abc123 to ensure the requests are trusted.


Thank you @cherryjimbo. That was the answer I needed.


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