Worker script to integrate Blogger into a website

So I have a website built using Google Sites, and a blog embedded in that website (using an iFrame as part of a standard Google Sites embed) built using blogger. It is all, of course, using Cloudflare for DNS and CDN.

Being built using fairly standard / generic / documented / supported / free tools is great, especially for non-techies who need to update and maintain web pages or create blog posts. However the embedded blog looks messy and you cannot direct link to an article and show it on the main website, the link goes to the blogger site (which won’t have all the context of the main site - and blogger pages are just not as nice as Google sites).

So I wanted to be able to integrate Blogger much better with the main website - thank you Cloudflare Workers (along with Google’s Blogger API)!

I’ve made the script I created available, in case anyone has a similar use case or wants to take it further:

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