Worker script saved but not deployed by terraform

Hi team,
We’ve experienced a weird behavior yesterday while we were working on one of our cloudflare worker.

As usual we’ve been using terraform to save and deploy the worker and all seemed to be fine. No errors.

But this time, the worker got successfully saved as we could seen it via the UI, but the changes this new script were supposed to bring were not there.

So it’s like the script have been successfully saved, but not deployed. no error was trigered

Just a clic on the button “save&deploy” in the UI without touching anything else fixed the problem.

Any idea ?
We have successfully deployed another script by terraform without any problematic today.

That sounds unusual. I think it would be good to replicate with the logging in terraform turned up:

Take a look at the bug template in github so you can see what information is required:

Then if it happens again, you should be able to capture everything to generate a bug report.