Worker route responds with 'unknown error has occurred'


Attempting to create a worker on general route, but no matter what I enter, I get unknown error … which is less than informative.


Hi @nathanv,
That’s definitely not a very helpful error message. It looks like that can happen if you try to save a route before a script has been saved. Is it possible that’s what’s happening to you?


Yes, that appears to be the issue. Thank you!


Glad to hear that worked @nathanv. I’ll make sure we show a better error message when that happens.


+1 just hit this. :slight_smile: FWIW, the UI/workflow seems backwards. I can paste a script and preview the effect in the pane without having saved the script, but I won’t be able to see the effect until I’ve specified a route for it to apply to, but I can’t specify a route because I don’t have a saved script. :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley: