Worker route not running on app-controlled subdomain

I have a reverse-proxied website that uses the Cassette app and workers. Cassette is exposing images from an S3 bucket, under e.g.

However I need a custom robots.txt on that subdomain, so I have a worker generating that.

For some reason, the worker route will not run. I can run the same worker just fine on my main site,
e.g.; *

But * does not appear to run at all.

My guess is some kind of conflict where the app controls the subdomain completely, and worker routes are simply not processed (?) How do I handle this?

I would really appreciate any solid docs or a diagram that clearly spells out how routes are processed too, between apps, page rules, redirect rules, workers… the whole shebang.

Hi @mwells, you may check the Workers documentation here:

There are other caveats too:

There are too many apps and implementations of Workers to document how they actually work.
I can understand the requirement to have some sort of logging, which Cloudflare has now:

You may require an Enterprise (Premium) Plan with Cloudflare Logs product.

Thank you.

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