Worker route not being matched for reverse proxy

I’m following this guide Guide: How to Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare Workers

I’ve got a domain at as well as a subdomain at both on Cloudflare that route to webflow. I’d like to set up a reverse proxy to have serve the contents of

I’ve created a worker that does:

addEventListener('fetch', event => {
async function handleRequest(request) {
var url = new URL(request.url)
url.hostname = ""

let response = await fetch(url, request)
return response;

When I hit my worker url, I can see in the log stream the content of the request. I’ve attached a route to my that maps* to the worker. However, hitting any of those URLs results in my's normal 404 page. Likewise, I don’t see any logs which leads me to believe that the worker route is not being matched.

For this specific example, I am not proxying any requests through Cloudflare (orange cloud button) and am still using webflow’s SSL.

Cloudflare’s worker won’t be able to run on your domain if the requests for it never arrive at Cloudflare in the first place. You’ll have to enable Cloudflare’s proxy (:orange:) if you want your Cloudflare Worker to get executed on that route.

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That makes sense. I tried proxying the subdomains, the www CNAME and the A record but all had the same result.

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